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Below you will find our general terms and conditions (GTCs), which find applications for use of the service by Dalmacija Turizam d.o.o.


§1 Our offer

By booking through Dalmacija Turizam d.o.o. (called referred to as tour operator) is an agency agreement between the and the traveller (called referred to as customer). The contractual obligation of Dalmacija Turizam d.o.o.. arises from the proper placement of holiday accommodation. The tour operator is responsible for the provision of the booked holiday. By payment of the contractual down payment, the customer is entitled to publication of contact data of the lessor.

§2 Our tasks

The tour operator takes over those obligations which are related with the mediation of accommodation. It is to task of the tour operator holiday-relevant information available him to provide accommodation to the Internet, and tourists when deciding an advisory capacity to stand. The tour operator is obliged to provide accurate information and can be held liable for their accuracy.

§3 Obligations of the customer

The customer is obliged that received confirmation directly him correctness to check and to indicate the tour operator any inaccuracies or deviations within a period of 3 days. Complaints received after the above-mentioned deadline when the tour operator can not be considered maybe. There is no entitlement of the customer to rescind the contract late displayed inaccuracies or discrepancies of the booking confirmation. The customer has for all contractual obligations by fellow passengers, for which he has made the reservation, to stand as its own.

The customer is in addition obliged:

• valid travel documents, to have required visa or similar, or to obtain the necessary authorisations from the competent authorities.

• Customs regulations and currency exchange regulations of the country where the destination is located, to comply.

In the booking confirmation, salary fixed arrival day to remove the booked accommodation end. Any delays are the landlord to be communicated in a timely manner. If the customer not to the date of travel or a late arrival to register not in time, the customer loses his claim to the accommodation agreed. The obligation to pay remains unaffected.

• to relate the pitches only with the number of people specified in the booking confirmation. In a customer's overcrowding, the customer is obliged to pay a corresponding fee. Should the customer not fulfil this request for payment, can the tour operator of the contract withdraw and demand compensation.

• Pets are allowed. Pets, must however be specified in the booking confirmation. Not the match announced in advance type and size of the pet, (fighting dogs) may not enter the place.

Only after consultation with the tour operator, it is (fighting dogs) allows the place are entering.

In the event of failure to comply with these obligations, the customer bears the responsibility of any consequences and is obliged to pay for any damage resulting. With the deposit, the customer if he causes any kind damage to reimburse the landlord on the spot for the Elimination of the damage is obliged.

§4 Terms of payment

For the performance of the Agency a fee, which will be charged at the conclusion of the contract. This is contained in the deposit of your booking confirmation and requires no separate billing. Further, included in the booking confirmation invoice item, as the actual price of the booking will be due on the agreed dates. There is no claim regarding the pitches or on contractual services such as the delivery of your travel documents without full payment of the deposit. The customer undertakes during the departure day to pay the outstanding balance on the tour operator (reception). A chattel is not required because the customer directly with the tour operator can handle the transaction at the reception. Delayed or incomplete payment shall be liable to the customer for any damage resulting. The tour operator is entitled to cancel the pending travel for a fee in this case at least one week after departure. The cancellation fees are determined according to the provisions of these t & cs.

§5 Liability of the tour operator

The tour operator has to fulfil the obligations arising from the agency agreement as an ordinary businessman. The tour operator does not properly fulfilled its contractual obligations, the customer may demand remedy. The tour operator can refuse the remedy if it requires a disproportionate effort. Remedy can be made also in the form of an equivalent compensation to be provided. The customer can only reject the compensation offered to him if the adoption of an important reason is not reasonable. A liability is excluded, if gross negligence is proved to him. The liability from the mediation activity is limited to the amount of the fare, so far as the damage is been caused neither deliberately nor roughly negligently.

§6 Duty to cooperate of the customers

The customer is obliged to do everything reasonable to help remedy the errors and to keep any possible damage at any performance errors, which are in connection with the mediation of the tour operator. In the event of a power failure is immediately to inform the tour operator or the specified contact. The tour operator reserves the right to give up the right to adequate accommodation in the respective destination. The customer shall in particular, having regard to forthwith to a complaint from the travel agency agreement. Should the customer of the immediate obligation fail to, void any claims and claims against the tour operator.

§7 Keys, arrival and departure times, driving directions

The Parcellen specific information about who the customer receives the pitches as the departure and arrival times are designed, how is he to the accommodation, and other travel-related details, learns the customer either on the website (if published) by phone, by E-Mail on request or at the latest when the plot allocation.

§8 Rebooking and cancellation costs

Any changes or amendments to the booking contents must be in writing, quoting the relevant reference number. Transfers are part of the travel agent individually with the customer. Fees vary according to the table of penalties. The travel agent reserves the right to charge a handling fee per transfer in the amount of at least € 20 to demand. Should the customer cancel the residence without the consent of travel agents who agreed residual payment must be made in full. If the payment is not or only partially paid, the travel agent will make all outstanding with separate billing and the cost of a corresponding fee claims. If the customer before the start of the trip back effectively or fails to travel, so does the travel agent for the brokerage services rendered by him, a cancellation fee according to the following schedule:

Days Cancellation fee as% of holiday price
up to 45 days before arrival Deposit amount
45 - 30 days 50 %
30 - 0 days 100 %

The tour operator recommends the conclusion of a travel insurance that covers the costs for the customer in the event of a cancellation. In any case, the cancellation fee is at least 50 euro.

§9 Claims and statute of limitations

Claims for improper performance of the mediation service, the customer has to be made within one month of the contractually scheduled departure from the tour operator. After this period, claims against the tour operator will only be asserted if the customer was prevented through no fault of meeting the deadline. Notwithstanding the preceding provisions shall lapse customer claims in the agency contract in months. The period begins with the day on which the tour was to begin according to contract or has begun.

§10 Choice of law and place of jurisdiction

The entire legal and contractual relationship between the customer and the tour operator is governed by German law. The customer can sue the travel agent only at its headquarters. For actions of the agent to the customer's place of residence is decisive, unless the suit is directed against entrepreneurs, people who have no general jurisdiction in Germany, or those who, after a contract changed their residence or habitual residence abroad or whose domicile or habitual residence at the time of action is not known. In this case, the seat of the tour operator is decisive.

§11 Severability Clause

Should individual provisions of this contract be ineffective or infeasible or after conclusion of the contract be ineffective or infeasible, as the effectiveness of the contract shall not affect the rest. In the place of the invalid or impracticable provision, the effective and enforceable regulation is due to come whose Wirkungen the economic aim of coming as close as possible, which the parties have pursued with the invalid or unenforceable provision. The foregoing provisions shall apply mutatis mutandis in the event that the contract proves to be as incomplete.

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